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Specialised Device Drivers

A local specialist in field spectroscopy equipment had developed a range of cameras and sensors to detect and capture data in a range of hostile and industrial environments.

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These devices could be plugged into a PCs RS232, Parallel or USB port to transfer the captured data to an application for offline or real time analysis.

Jemmac were asked to write the Windows device drivers that enabled this data transfer.

What did Jemmac do?
Jemmac wrote the devices drivers in low level C code against the defined sensor API. The drivers had to be robust and performant and work on a range of Windows operating systems.

Once the drivers were written and thoroughly tested they were documented and packaged so they could be sold along with the sensors.

The resulting sensor SDK is now shipping globally and proving to an extremely reliable way for sensor users to write specialist applications that use the sensor data in innovative and clever ways.

How can Jemmac help you?
Jemmac have the experience and proven track record in the delivery of both Enterprise and low level software solutions. If you need to develop, upgrade, or fix software that interfaces directly to equipment (old or new) then give us a call to find out how we can help.

Mark Fisher
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Mark Fisher
Jemmac Software Limited
Tel : 01234 757251
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