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Software is at the heart of every business. Great software is at the heart of the most successful. Jemmac work hard to deliver software solutions that add genuine business benefit and competitive advantage to our customer's business.


Who we are

We are Technical I.T Consultants with expertise in Business Intelligence Software, Data Management and Legacy Systems Migration.

What we do

We are highly focused on contributing to the success of our customers' business which ensure the success of our own business strategy.

Our Aims

We aim to help companies evolve their IT infrastructure and overcome software difficulties that previously prevented growth.


Working with us will help remove technical barriers, giving customers confidence in the software they are using and allowing them to develop a competitive advantage.


We have over two decades of commercial success in a wide variety of industries. This gives our customers fresh and significant advantage over their competition.


We specialise in delivering customised software for complex business critical systems. Our solutions excel where reliability, performance and scalability are of paramount importance.


OPCFailover Product Page

OPCFailover is a simple and effective way of increasing the availability of all of your OPC data to your business benefiting OPC Client applications.


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Process Control Software

Jemmac enjoys a close working relationship with ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies. 

We produce bespoke software solutions for use globally, helping ExxonMobil improve efficiency working in partnership with a wide range of their businesses.

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Middleware and Payment Software

Jemmac work with David Lloyd Leisure on several levels. The complex interaction of the IT systems dictates that changes or additions to these systems must be very carefully planned.

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Program Management Tool

Jemmac work with Changing Systems Ltd to create bespoke, programme management and reporting software, used by large corporations in the business and consultancy sectors.

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